In 2007 we bought our first dachshund, Rosie. In no time we where totally addicted to this small, funny and lovely kaninchen dachshund. In the meantime we have several kaninchen and miniture dachshunds and are breeding ones in a while a litter with the kennel name ‘t Voortse Huys.

Our dachshunds are a part of our family together with Jools, the Weimaraner.



January 2016

Kennel uit ‘t Voortse Huysshapeimage_1_link_0

Gracias uit ‘t Voortse Huys

Just 15 months NJK ’13 & Youth Winster ’13, Lux J ’14

Brabo Junior Winner and 4x BOB!

Int. Dogshow Bleiswijk, 2 november 2013 JCAC, CAC & BOB

Int. Dogshow Amsterdam, 13 december 2013, JCAC, CAC & BOB

Amsterdam Winnershow, 15 december 2013, JCAC, Res CAC

Youth WINSTER 2013

Int Dogshow Groningen JCAC, BOB and BIG!!

Luxemburg Youth Champion and BOS

Brabo Youth Winner, BOB and BIG 3

Dogshow De Baronie 2014, BOB and BIG 1!

Gracias and King of Heart uit ‘t Voortse Huys Offspring Alpheratz Guanche x Fillipa vom Altsiedlerhof

Italian Topolino at Voortse Huys (KW)

Int Dogshow Bleiswijk

Best Junior, BOS & BOB BIG 2

Dutch Youth Champion ’15

Amsterdam Youth Winner ’15

Int. Dogshow Brussel BENELUX JWinner/Winner ‘15

WUT JCh’15

Best Puppy in Show  Int Dogshow Zagar

Hope World Winner ’15 WDS Milaan

New girl in the family, Voodoo Doll Vitoraz